Monday, July 25, 2011

Why is it important for a midwife to learn about online facilitation?

Is online facilitation a skill that belongs to the curriculum of a  midwife and should midwives have online tools in their bags?
There is a saying " Midwives are, where women are". Women, families, even unborn children are online participants in networks and learning environments,. Women seek online information and community with others. WE, midwives have to be there! But how?

Some month ago, I witnessed an educational birth preparation program on Danish Television, a program, that is now an online resource for Danish women.

I want to use the programme as a ground zero for my own exploration of online, digital communication in midwifery practice. Let us have a look:

I hope this exploration will lead me to where women are, to what women know and to what women want to share.
Over the next months I want to explore by which  means women can be informed, empowered and connected with each other and with their midwife.

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