Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why are our digital services so poor?

I had a digital experience today while I was scheduling an appointment with a hairdresser.
It was so incredible easy and it made me think: WHY don´t we use these technologies in our practice?

It may be, because we don't want to give appointment-power to women and their families. Our rhetoric is often about women who would not contact us, who would be lost without us, who would not give birth without us having the scheduled to it and so on. Most people can schedule an appointment with their hairdresser. Most people can make choices about their treatment. Most people like to be personal informed before they have to make a choice.
Think, if we set women free to choose their appointments and their treatments. Think,-  if we had to argue for what we do.
Do you think women would not want to choose a midwife for her treatment?

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